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calorie calculator

Below is a calorie calculator you can use to estimate how many calories you need daily to work towards your goal.

But before you begin to use the calculator, there are a few pieces of information you need to be accurate before inputting.

The first is your weight in pounds (lbs). If you know your weight in kg or stone you can easily convert them using google conversion. 

The second important piece of information is your height in feet and inches. Do not guess this, get someone to measure you or make sure you know the exact height.

The third is your activity levels we like to use step count as a good indicator of daily activity. There are also job examples in the calculator below to help guide you on decide how active you are.

If your steps are:

0-3000 per day - Lightly active

4000-6000 per day - Moderately active

7000-9000 per day - Active

10000+ - Very active

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