Is this gym for me?

Our friendly, welcoming gym environment is something we take very seriously. Our clients are all at different stages of their journeys and are training for many different reasons. Some have never trained before, others have trained for years. Regardless, everyone gets coached, and everyone is welcome.


Our community in the gym is incredible. Seeing the support our clients give each other, and the fun they have training together is contagious.

We have a huge range of age groups training with us.


We have people in their twenties looking to get in shape, feel better and look great in their clothes up to people in their sixties who want to play with their grandkids and have a long retirement.

THEBODYCONTENT is the gym for you if your goal is to feel better in your clothes, in your mind and to fall in love with training.

Try our free trial session, we would love for you to try our gym!