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Fall in love with your own damn self this valentine day.

Fall in love with your own damn self this valentine day.

If you don't love yourself how the hell are you going to love someone else?

At Thebodycontent, we remind our clients that they should be training BECAUSE they love themselves. Not because they hate something about themselves.


Well... apart from the obvious, one of the key factors to successful progress in the gym is adherence to training and eating well.

Trying to stick to training and nutrition is SO tricky when it comes from negative energy. We believe that it is setting yourself up to fail.

It may sound something like this...

"I hate my legs."

"I hate my stomach."

"I hate my pouch."

"I hate my dad bod."

The reason why we say it's setting yourself up for failure is this...

Humans are very impatient creatures. Every year we become less and less patient, and when we don't see results immediately, we shut off, or give up.

SO, let's say you're the person who 'hates their legs'...

Unless you go under the knife and get someone else's legs transplanted onto your body, it is an impossible task to change them in a short period of time.

So being a human who is driven by instant results does hating your legs sound productive, or something that you can solve quickly? No.

What do we recommend?

Training out of love and respect for your body (remember those legs cart your entire body around all day), setting small, achievable goals to hit so that you always feel like you're progressing.

Having those POSITIVE experiences will help keep you motivated and on track to keep on looking and pushing forward!

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