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I'd love to start...But I'm waiting for the right time.

So many of us wait for 'the perfect moment' to occur before we start working on health, fitness and nutrition.

The harsh reality of this is that it rarely happens and it gets you nowhere.

Suddenly six months pass, and you are not closer to your goal than you were six months ago.

Are you waiting/have you ever waited for that perfect 'moment' to start training, to get out for a walk, or improve your nutrition?

If so, these phrases may seem familiar:

"I'll start next month.."

"I'll start after ________'s birthday/ wedding.."

"Once I'm settled into my new job."

"I want to see a personal trainer, but I want to lose a few pounds first..."

"I'll start when I'm less busy."

The thing about these phrases is that if you're using them, it's probably for justification or to distract you from reality or the task.

Here's what it truly comes down to:

You're afraid to be vulnerable.

You're afraid of putting yourself out there and getting rejected.

You're afraid of failing.

THAT is what's holding you back. 

Not those other things. 

Identify why you're afraid.

You and we both know that the perfect moment will never just appear. 

The stars will never aline and present you with your sign to start training. Schedule's don't unbusy themselves. There will always be something else. 

Waiting for this to happen is as productive as not thinking about it at all. The perfect moment is now.

Just start. Right at the beginning. Not where you would like to be, but where you actually are now.

Starting does not mean hours of research into gyms and diets, and gym gear and memberships and personal trainers... nothing that will likely cause you to start feeling that fear.

Starting looks like putting one foot in front of the other. Start small. Don't overwhelm yourself. If you haven't trained in a few years it's probably not realistic to try and start training 7 days per week.

Why? Because that is not setting you up for success. Start small.

Put your trainers on and get out for that walk.

Get some more fruit and veg in your daily routine.

Carry a water bottle with you and drink more from it.

That's what starting looks like.

There are tonnes of things you can do to start. 

These things will still be tough at first. But just because it feels tough does not mean you have failed. 

We recommend getting support. 

The right support is crucial to long term adherence. You want someone who is going to be in line with your goals. Sometimes you need that extra boost to get you in the zone. 

Where to go from here?

Here are some tips from Thebodycontent.

Understand there is no perfect moment, and there never will be. We can only actually take action in the now. Not then, not when.

Make You a priority. Do not feel guilty about making time for yourself, your health, fitness and wellbeing. You get one shot at this life thing. Your clock is yours.

Start with what you have. Fair you may not have 2 hours for the gym right now... but what do you have? 10..20..30..40 mins? Start there.

Do not expect things to be perfect. Be prepared for when things don't go to plan. Consider what obstacles might get in your way and plan around them.

Just start. Do anything. Anything at all that beats what you're currently doing.

Find support. Support systems are the key to success. 

What can you do in the next 10 minutes to get yourself going? 

Want help in becoming the healthiest, fittest, most energetic, strongest and most determined version of you?

We work closely with our clients to help them improve health, get stronger, move better, lose body fat, be able to run around with kids or grandkids, to feel content in their bodies — no matter where they're starting. We start at the beginning.

Interested in Thebodycontent coaching? We offer a free trial session in our small group personal training gym in Airside, Swords. 

We are delighted to say that our gym is almost at capacity. We will have to stop taking new clients, for now. So, if you are interested, I would encourage you to claim your free trial now to avoid disappointment.

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