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Soak up that sunshine 😎☀️

What a day it is out there today! Not a cloud in the sky, sun shining, bit of heat in the sun, is there anything better? This quarantine has brought about a lot of things, but yeno what, it has plenty of positives to it too, so let's focus on those. The sunshine is just absolutely glorious! We woke up this morning, had a coffee in the sunshine out the the morning, win the day and all that, then went up and did a LIVE session with our clients through Facebook, and then brought the doggos out for a walk in the park. Literally the perfect day! Sunshine as you probably know is extremely good for us (of course make sure you are protected and wear suncream). It provides much-needed Vitamin D which helps with mood and your immune system, but sunshine brings out something in people. There's just that vibe when it's sunny that just makes you want to be outside. All over the place, you see people out walking and running. Doggos everywhere are been walked like there's no tomorrow. It's so amazing to see! We always say that there is one Vitamin that most people in today's society are deficient in and that is Vitamin M - MOVEMENT. Most people quite simply just don't move enough. We feel like its one of the biggest benefits of this lockdown is how active people are being.

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