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Staying Lean in Quarantine...

We are so so so ready for things to go back to some sort of normal. This whole situation is just totally insane. You would look outside the window and think there is nothing wrong, yet the whole world is fighting a global pandemic. But, we believe in focusing on controlling the things we can control and ignoring the things we can't. We find its the best way to stay sane amongst the madness and also to remain productive in times of pressure. One thing we advocate is to look after your health. We think it's become so clear that your health really is your wealth. All of the other things in life come second to your health. If you think of the positives of this COVID19 outbreak you can become quite grateful for the things you do have like your family, your health (hopefully), access to food, community spirit, your home, board games and so much more. The list literally goes on and on. There are so many things in life these days that are so materialistic, even if they didn't seem materialistic before. It will be interesting to see what life is like after all of this. Anyway, We are fitness professionals so our main focus is staying active. We love to exercise and for us, it's a crucial part of our daily or weekly routines. We believe now more than ever it's important to exercise to keep the body fit, but also to help with your mental health. Here are our tips for staying lean in quarantine: 1: Make use of the outdoors. We are lucky we still are able to get outside and exercise. Make use of the parks that surround you or find a route and walk it. 2: Find somewhere that is giving away free workouts. There are so many of them around you are sure to find something that fits what you enjoy. So many people are offering their services online through Zoom and the likes, so there is literally no end! :) 3: Food - It is hard to stay on track when your stuck inside, no doubt about it. Know that you are not alone there. BUT, just because it's hard, doesn't mean you shouldn't do it. Activity levels are probably lower now than before (or maybe they're higher, in that case, go you!!! ) so therefore you cannot eat the same amount of food. You need to balance the books so to speak. 4: Know your calorie intake - Download MyFitnessPal and quickly scan your food labels and start to understand how many calories are in the food you eat. This app is probably the best on the market at the moment and its very easy to use. 5: Find a routine and stick to it - We think by now, everybody has had that moment of "what day is it now?". The days and weeks are just going by without notice. One day runs into the next. Most of us are working from home so routine is gone. You have the power however to create a routine that favours your goals. You could find a routine that allows some more downtime than before, fits your exercise in, allows you to cook healthy homemade meals and still get all of your work done. Remember, control the things you can control and ignore the things you cant. The picture below is at the end of one of our LIVE sessions with our clients. We stream LIVE home workouts and train alongside them every morning Monday - Saturday. #THEBODYCONTENT

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