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Support systems and why they are the heart of what we do.

We talk about support systems a lot with our clients. They can be made up of people you have met and became friendly with by doing a new activity, it could be your friends and family, a coach you have hired or an online community. There's a phrase that often gets thrown about and it is " are the average of the 5 people you surround yourself with". This could not be any more true. Support systems are incredibly important when you are starting something new. Let's face it, it is absolutely terrifying starting a new activity, or in our case, starting in the gym. Having a support system, in this case, is crucial for a couple of reasons: 1: You may have voiced your aspirations to join a gym, then spoke about coming in for a trial session. Your support system is in place then to follow up and see how you got on 2: Maybe you have talked about joining a gym and felt a bit nervous, your support system would kick in and encourage you to go. Maybe they might go with you to ensure you have followed through with what you said you would do. It is crucial your support system has YOUR best interests at heart and to be quite frank, you need to be critical of who you turn to when in need of help. There's another saying and it is " watch out for wolves in sheep's clothing" and it is referring to those who may be close to you who don't want you to follow through on something you want to do because it goes against THEIR agenda! Often, the wolves in sheep's clothing are family, "close friends", generally people you wouldn't expect. They don't want you to change because they are afraid it might change them or their current lifestyle, or even worse yet, they might lose you! But you have the be clear on what you want. This support system strategy is why our THEBODYCONTENT Clients do so well. Our community is everything! We encourage clients to be unapologetically themselves but also to be helpful of each other and they are all there for one common reason - to get better. Through this community, we have managed to create a support system that consists of people from all different walks of life. Some younger and some older. Some vegetarian/vegan/pescatarian/meat-eaters. Some have been training for years and some are complete beginners but they all share the same common goal. To get better, to become healthier, to learn new things and in the meantime, they expand their inner circle of friends and in turn expand their support system.

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