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TheBodyContent top tips for getting back into the gym.

We are Beth and Eoin and its been 3 months since our last confession... sorry.. session.. LOL

Our gym is a little personal training studio in Swords, Dublin and the last 3 months has been torture for us not get

ting to see all of our amazing clients face to face! On the 29th of June gyms are FINALLY officially allowed to reopen.

But we have already set out our damage control plan for easing clients back in.

Here are some of our priorities:

  1. Start light. Start very very light. You may have been able to squat a 100kg barbell before covid.. but ease your body back in gently. On that first session start low and build up. Yes the ego will be sore. But not as sore as your body will be the day after the first session.

  2. Give the weights some respect. Stay composed with every rep. Start slow. Spend some time noting how each movement feels while doing them.

  3. Allow plenty of time for rest periods. We are using time periods rather than allocating a number of sets. Everyone is able to come in and work to their ability. Some may reach 4 or 5 sets. Some might get 2 or 3. All of which are fine for getting started.

  4. Let your nervous system catch up. You may have had your technique down 3 months ago. But moving in correct sequence requires established neurological pathways. Your first chest fly will probably look like a baby eating an ice cream cone... all over the place. It will come back to you fast enough. But respect the nervous system.

  5. Get out of your head. Avoid getting annoyed because you're not as strong / fast / fit as before. We have survived a global pandemic. The priority for the last 90 days has been based around survival and making it through. Here we are. It's so easy to get frustrated at ourselves. But heres the advice.... don't. Cut yourself some slack.

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