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Tips for sustainable progress.

How you do anything is how you do everything! When looking for progress with training, nutrition or even just general health you NEED to be consistent. Being consistent some of the time, then none of the time, and then back on the consistent wagon again simply will not cut it! You have got to find a routine that works. Make sure you are prepared and then smash it out of the park! You are the one who knows you best so find a routine that works for you. Everybody is different. If you are a lark who thrives in the wee hours of the morning, get up and train before work.

If you're what is known as a night-owl, well, then trying to train at 6 am is not going to be sustainable for you and you will likely fail at doing so. You need to find some time that you can train, and do it! If you can’t make good food choices in the work kitchen then be prepared and bring your lunch in with you - P.S you’re not the only one who finds it hard to pass up on the boxes of chocolates, doughnuts or whatever the office sharer brings in. Everyone has that "Will I, or won't I?" conversation in their head on whether to eat them or not!

But the main piece of advice we can give is to ALWAYS have your goal in mind.

There are no secrets to fitness, no one thing that just “works”. In actual fact, it’s a combination of a lot of things that add up to success!

Everybody should exercise. The type of exercise, however, depends on what you enjoy and will consistently do. If that means weight training do that... if it means dancing do that too! Just get out and move.

Everybody has to eat well to maintain health, then depending on your goal add in a calorie deficit OR surplus. If you are sporadic in your approach to your health and fitness goals, your results will be too!

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